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100% biodegradable plant sugar based kids set.

The Eco-Kids Zebra set, is a childrens 4 piece dinner set. Cup, bowl, plate and cutlery.

Most smaller children, do not like to have their food mixed. The Eco-Kids Fox set solves this, with the 3 compartments.

ECO-KIDS is made of PLA. What exactly does that mean?
The base material is sugar which comes from plants. Think of plants such as sugar cane, corn, sugar beet, cassava, grain. The plant is fermented and distilled which creates lactic acid.
The lactic acid is then refined, dried, and polymerized under high temperature and turns into a polymer (plastic type) called PLA (Poly Lactic Acid).
We add talcum powder (soapstone) to improve the heat-resistance. The granulate obtained is then processed into a final product in the same manner as other plastics.
No petroleum is being used.

We have an "EU Food Safe Certificate" (Europe) and "FDA Food Safe Certificate (USA).
Please ask for these.

Material: PLA (plantsugar based plastic)
Cup: D7 x H7,5 cm (150 ml)
Bowl: D12 x H5 cm (250 ml)
Plate: D20 x H2,7 cm
Graphic design: Odile Sips
Dishwasher safe
Microwave safe

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249,00 DKK pr. stk.